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Friday Reads: Why Do We Keep Making Ebooks Like Paper Books?

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Some interesting thoughts on whether the potential of digital mediums is being underutilized in the current ebook market. But please, don’t eliminate my page turns…

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Author: authorsawilliams

S. A. Williams (born 1981) has always had a passion for writing, but only recently began to share his work with the public. Born in the Midwest, Williams now lives on the East Coast with his wife, where he works as an administrator at a small college. Williams has always enjoyed dystopian works and writing that explores heavier topics to evoke strong but unexpected emotion from the reader. His favorite authors include Dan Chaon, J.D. Salinger, Nick Hornby, Wally Lamb, Jon Hassler and Barbara Kingslover. (Though Williams’ wider literary tastes include a deep appreciation for Mark Twain, Richard Bachman and George Orwell as well.) Williams has published two short stories to date and is working on additional pieces. In his spare time Williams loves to read and often posts his thoughts about the work of others. Please note: at this time Williams does not accept unsolicited review requests. He also enjoys hanging out with his two cats, who are an endless source of entertainment.

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